Customize coffee bags to keep your coffee fresh!

Customize coffee bags to keep your coffee fresh!

Coffee is an irresistibly delicious drink, but it's easy to lose its taste and aroma over time. Therefore, it is very important to keep the fresh taste of coffee. To solve this problem, there are now coffee bags with air valves that prevent oxidation and thus maintain the fresh taste and aroma of the coffee.

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Coffee bag with air valve is a kind of high strength, high sealing bag made of multilayer composite material. At the same time, it also has a small air valve, can effectively control the gas flow inside the bag, prevent oxidation, thus maintaining the fresh taste and aroma of coffee. Coffee bags with air valves are also moisture-resistant and UV resistant, protecting the coffee from moisture and light.

The common structure used for packaging is composed of three layers, and the characteristics of different layers are as follows:

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① Outer layer: enhance the mechanical strength, heat resistance, printing performance and optical performance of the bag body.

② Middle layer: highlight the main functions of the composite structure, such as barrier, shading, incense preservation, etc.

③ Inner layer: mainly used for sealing, followed by packaging material pressure resistance, drop, sealing performance, etc.

Choose a coffee bag with an air valve to enhance the preservation effect of coffee, so that the coffee will keep fresh taste and aroma. In addition, the material and printing effect of the coffee bag are also very important. A good coffee bag should have a high-quality, beautiful and fashionable appearance, which can enhance your brand image and market competitiveness.

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In addition to the eight edge sealing bag, there are now a variety of types of coffee bags with air valves on the market to choose from. There are three-dimensional bags, side bags, paper bags, special-shaped bags, square bags, organ bags and so on
Therefore, different types of coffee bags with air valves can be selected according to individual needs to achieve better coffee preservation results.

If you need a customized coffee bag with air valve, xfy packaging bags provides custom design and production services to provide you with a quality, efficient customized coffee bag solution. Our coffee bags are made of multiple layers of material with high strength, high sealing, moisture and UV protection to ensure your coffee is always in tip-top condition.

We also offer a variety of customization options, including materials, printing and size, to meet your individual needs. Contact us to customize exclusive coffee bags with air valves for your coffee escort!

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If you have any needs and questions about packaging bags, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with professional solutions.

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