How to distinguish between food plastic bags

With the development of various take-out software, now a lot of order has become a popular, this way is really convenient for life, save the time. But, have you ever found that different vendors plastic bag is also a variety of food, so how to distinguish between food plastic bags andPlastic Bags?

A lot of time to eat from the street, some snack to the bother of clean disinfection bowls, plastic bags will be directly set of food in the bowl. Every morning lots of people will be on the road to buy a steamed stuffed bun, rice noodles, or pancake fruit, walking and eating, it can also be simple to eat some breakfast on the side of the road, they generally need plastic bag, but must distinguish between whether Food bags, if not the best, otherwise, every day, it is easy to give the body health.

Currently used in food packaging plastic polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene, etc., its performance is qualified, plastic packaging is safe for food. Plastic food packaging can be at ease use, but don't use a coloredplastic bags of food. Consumers can't distinguish between food and non-food plastic bags, so there are quite a number of unqualified plastic packing was used in food packaging, which cause serious damage to people's health. That our consumers can do is informal manufacturers, in the street stalls selling plastic bags don't used in food packaging. In addition, the plastic bags if have special smell, also can not used for food. Before using bags of food, you must take a closer look at whether the plastic bag's material is faulty, feel is rough. This plastic bags may be composed of waste plastics processing, easy to endanger human body health.

The use of plastic bags really brought great convenience to our daily life, but in terms of food, or try to use less plastic bags, plastic bags, if at all, also be sure to use a special food in a plastic bag.

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