The types and characteristics of commonly used plastic bags

plastic bagsPlastic Bags have become an indispensable item in people's production and living, the plastic bag, PVC bag, Compound bag, vacuum bag, PVC bag, plastic film, etc. Various kinds of commonly used plastic products market demand is big, so the production is also very big, in the production of plastic packaging bags, plastic will generally choose which commonly used material? Therefore the shandong jinan heng auspicious plastic bag factory will introduces for everybody.

First, polyethylene plastic bags, plastic products dosage the biggest, the most important materials, is currently the world's most ideal material of contact food bag, food packaging bags on the market in general are all made of the material. Polyethylene light transparent, with the ideal moisture, oxygen resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat sealing and other advantages, and non-toxic, tasteless, odourless, food packaging hygiene standards.

Second, PVC/PVC, is currently the second largest in the world, second only to polyethylene plastic varieties, is a plastic bag, PVC bag, compound bag, vacuum bag ideal choice, can also be used in books, folders, documents such as cover packaging decoration, etc.

Third, low density polyethylene is dosage in plastic packaging and printing industry from all over the world's largest varieties, apply to blow molding processing into tubular membrane, suitable for food packaging, cosmetic packaging, fiber products packaging etc.

Boiled fourth, high density polyethylene, heat resistance, cold resistance to freezing, moistureproof, prevent gas, isolation performance is good, and not easily damaged, strength of low density polyethylene 2 times, is a commonly used material of plastic bags.

Fifth, two-way stretch polypropylene film, its mechanical strength, the strength of folded, air tightness, moisture barrier property is superior to common plastic film, due to the transparent plastic film is wonderful, post-press reproduce exceptionally bright beautiful colour, is an important material of plastic composite flexible packaging.

Sixth, shrink film and plastic bags commonly used base material, in use process by hot air handling or infrared irradiation will shrink, tightly wrap on the packing materials after heat treatment, contraction force peaked in the cooling phase, and can be long-term preservation.

Above is a plastic bag, plastic bag, compound bag, vacuum bags and other plastic products commonly used material, with the development of technology and progress, more environmental protection, green environmental protection plastic bags, plastic products will become the future direction and trend of development.

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